Concrete pad required for surfacing. Non-porous, broom finish.
For added enhancement, non-slip colored paint can be applied,
or other non-slip surfacing can be applied but is not required.

25’ x 30’ for basic splash pads.  Square or shaped (750 sq.ft.).

Splash pads, spray pads run off normal street pressure.
Appropriate water usage for total system is 35 GPM.

Water re-circulation can be an added feature.
(Mushrooms require re-circulation pool and pump).

Connect to sprinkler system or water faucet.

Standard installations should include drainage system to property sewage

Each element of valve system is capable of being on or off.
Each element can also be adjusted from full flow to partial flow.

WaterPark Features splashpads and spraypads are virtually no maintenance.
Flush system at end of water play season and it will be ready for the
next water play season.
[If outside pipes freezing is an issue in your area cover/insulate water element
valve as you do your outside water faucets].

Turn-key installation services available (contracted separately).
Or we will assist you in finding a local contractor,
(landscapers, concrete crews are a good choice)
If customer is installing, all equipment is to be installed per manufacturer’s
instructions and appropriate guidelines such as ASTM must be observed.

Let WaterPark Features be your one-stop for all your water features and save $$